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No Time Like Showtime

  • “ Unfortunately, this never materialized, as Blake shot just 37.8 percent from distance, a notable dip from his career .391 mark. ”


    Andy Kamenetzky, Offseason needs: Outside shooting, ESPN Land o’ Lakers, June 3, 2011.

    Forgive me for this, because I try not to be this hard on people, but that’s fucking idiotic. Blake made 73 threes on 193 attempts this year. Do you know how many he would have needed to make to hit 39%? 76. The difference between Blake’s disappointing season and the season the Lakers were expecting was three three-pointers. Three. How many inches did he miss those three threes by total?

    (This is leaving aside the fact that the “career .391 mark” is his career percentage now, so it includes the .378 he shot this season. If L.A. was setting expectations based on his career shooting, they were doing it by his percentage coming into the year. That’s not quite as dumb as the above, but it’s sloppy.)

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